Madison, WI | November 9, 2015

Understanding Today’s Enterprise and Cyber Risk Landscape

Thank you to the Advisory Board, Speakers, Sponsors and Attendees for making
Fusion Executive Summit such a success.
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In 2014, the SEC declared that board-level management is responsible for overseeing damages from unmitigated risk – from floods and fires to cyber crime. Suddenly, cyber risk has become a top-priority boardroom issue for you. How do you balance the need to protect your business, reduce risk and improve corporate performance? Identifying and evaluating risk is the first step, central to your success in digital business. Finally, the conversation between C-Level executives, IT and non-IT business executives is changing, and its theme is “how to deliver IT value as business value.”

This Fusion Executive Summit will explore how IT has become a critical boardroom resource for identifying enterprise cyber risk and deploying defensible levels of security for innovative digital business success.

At the Fusion Executive Summit, you’ll learn what it takes to orchestrate a comprehensive plan that protects the boardroom by securing the enterprise. 

You’ll be joined by concerned Board Members, C-suite executives, (CFO, CIO, COO CRO, VP’s) and those headed to the C-suite. The Fusion Summit series is driven by expert keynote and panel discussions while audience actively participates, asking questions and sharing experiences. Don’t expect a bunch of boring slide shows.

Please join us to collectively learn, share, plan and respond.

The Fusion Executive Summit is a one-day conference to help business decision-makers understand today’s enterprise and cyber risk landscape.

You’ll learn how to think about enterprise and cyber risk strategies. And you’ll learn what it takes to roll out a comprehensive communications strategy and incident response program across the enterprise.


Check out the preliminary agenda to see what the day looks like.  Updates coming soon.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is instrumental in flushing out the themes and topics for discussion.


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